Revel Fresh Sous Vide™, from Deli Star 

Fresher. Faster. Tastier. Revel Fresh Sous Vide™ proteins help chefs and foodservice workers overcome industry challenges. Worry less, waste less, and create more delicious culinary experiences your customers will crave.


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120-Day Refrigerated Shelf-Life

Our Fresh Sous Vide and Steam Post Pasteurization® (SPP) cooking processes lock in flavor for high quality taste and texture. Our cooking methods increase food safety throughout our unrivaled 120-day refrigerated shelf-life. This proprietary process relies on steam, reducing overall water usage while saving you expiration-date worries.

Speed Scratch

Spend less time prepping and do more of what you love—crafting delicious culinary experiences for your customers and building up your kitchen. Revel Fresh Sous Vide™ proteins are versatile and ready-to-use as bases for your menu or center-of-plate entrees.

Chef-Crafted Culinary Styles & Seasonings

With a wide range of protein options from seared and diced beef steak, to grilled chicken breasts, to smoked pulled pork, the menu options are endless! Our proteins are ready-to-use, serving your customers faster and more consistently than ever before.

Whole Muscle Proteins & Limited Ingredients Process

Revel Fresh proteins are all-natural and clean label, so you can feel great about serving food that is craveable and nutritious.

The Menu

Quick, tasty, ready-to-use and fully prepped whole muscle proteins, delivered your way!


Chicken Breast
Turkey Breast
Beef Steak 

Hardwood Smoked

Pulled Pork 
Shredded Beef Brisket


Chicken Breast
Turkey Breast


Seasoned Pork
Uncured Corned Beef 

The Deli Star Standard

All Deli Star proteins are fresh, never frozen, and boast a 120-day refrigerated shelf-life. You’ll spend less time prepping and cooking and more time focused on cultivating delicious menu options to please any customer.

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